About Me

Hi there! My name is N.K Bhat and  I am living in India. I like writing and that I am dependent on health, wellbeing, nutrition and private development.

Write Health is wherever I concerning|write on|write of|write|compose|pen|indite} all the items that fascinate Maine about health. I hope that in sharing my passion with you, you'll be able to learn a lot regarding the way to nurture your own health and prosperity.

Write Health is additionally the place wherever I chart my very own journey, through dangerous health and smart, and share my self-discoveries with you on the manner.

The image of Maine higher than was taken in earthenware, Jammu and Kashmir, one amongst my favorite places. i like the canals and therefore the undeniable fact that the majority ride bicycles.

When I’m not writing regarding health, I may be found in my garden, reading memoirs, walking within the park or dreaming regarding the ocean. I conjointly love music and solitude.